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At Tetris Homes, our emphasis is on “YOU” our customer. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the projects we do for you and your family.

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Why Choose Us

Transparency and honesty are also key ingredients to any good relationship, and that’s what you should feel from your builder. They should be willing and able to give you accurate updates whenever you need them, and they should be open to scheduling regular site visits with you.
You should never pay a builder more than 10% upfront, and only when the materials arrive on the site. The sad fact is that many cowboy builders are operating out there, and it can be difficult to get the funds back. The question of how much you need to pay in total is between you and the building company.
Buying new will cost you 20% more, analysis finds. Buying a new home instead of an existing one has plenty of perks. Maintenance costs will likely be lower, the home will be more energy-efficient and it will look more modern. Of course, you’ll pay for those perks. New homes cost more than comparable used ones.

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