We Are Qualified to Build Second Storey Additions

At first, the thought of second storey additions is daunting. However, when you have a qualified contractor by your side, assisting you through the process from inception through to completion, it’s a rewarding process. You’ve worked hard to acquire your home but probably require extra space, and instead of going through house hunting, a 2nd story extension is an ideal solution. Tetris Homes Pty Ltd possesses the necessary experience to assist with your construction.

Benefits of Building a Second Storey Extension

Home renovations are a popular topic amongst homeowners, but the moment you mention an upward extension, people tend to worry. There is concern about duration and affordability, but with a reliable contractor, you reap the benefits without the hassle.

  • The primary benefit of an upwards extension is that you create space without moving. Naturally, families grow, and their home becomes cramped. Instead of selling your home and searching for another property, a second storey provides ample space without moving. Your family have become accustomed to the area and established their social lives; moving is an inconvenience they don’t have to endure.
  • As a homeowner, you’ll get a degree of design flexibility when you opt for a second storey. It allows you to configure your home in the way you want that suits your lifestyle. More people are inclined to place their bedrooms on the second floor, which provides more privacy for occupants. Additionally, a vertical extension opens views that you would never see without a second storey.
  • An upward extension is an opportunity to receive added cash. Over 75 000 Australians have done so by renting out sections of their properties to holidaymakers or residents. It’s an effortless method of securing additional income.

Tips to Consider for a Second Storey Extension

We’ve noted the benefits of extending your home upwards. Here are some points to consider when you implement the renovations.

  • You should consider whether you plan on living on the property for an extended period. Aspects such as increasing family members or guests living with you should play a role in your decision. If you’re happy with the location, then an upward extension is ideal. Invest in quality materials that can withstand the harsh elements.
  • In the interest of safety, you should call in a contractor to inspect the foundation of the property. The contractor determines if the foundation is strong enough to handle another level and sort out the necessary building codes.

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