Rely on Us as New Home Builders in Melbourne For Prestige Service

When Tetris Homes Pty Ltd opened our doors in 2007, we did so with knowledge already accumulated as new home builders in Melbourne. We deliver customer satisfaction by using quality materials and craftsmanship, combined with professional service and modern solutions.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding New Home Design in Melbourne

Deciding to build your dream home is both exciting and daunting. Thus, we want to highlight several mistakes we see from time to time. Mistakes can turn your dream into a costly nightmare.

  • You might have worked closely with your draftsman in Melbourne for weeks or longer, and now the plans of your perfect home are ready. Hiring a builder is the next step, but you have to hire the right kind of builder to achieve success. The construction industry consists of different types of builders, and you need to find one who is perfect for your construction project. We are fortunate to have a skilled team with a diverse background, and we have a portfolio reflecting successful projects from minor renovations to new home building.
  • Getting quotes from several builders to finalise your budget is another crucial step. Sometimes quotes are not specifying everything you will be paying for during the project. Be sure you know exactly what your quote includes.
  • Pricing is a sensitive matter, and many consider it as the final determining factor of choosing a builder. Going for the cheapest quote doesn’t necessarily result in having the cheapest building project. There are many reasons why a quote can be less expensive than competitors’ offers. Leaving certain elements out is one of them. In the end, you might end up paying even more. Instead make your decision based on good solid reviews, by contacting references.

Before you commit to any new house builders in Melbourne, we urge you to press for as much information as possible. References and detailed quotes are a great place to start.

Benefits of Tetris Homes Pty Ltd

A professional provider treating you like a prestige client might sound like a farfetched privilege you desire, but at Tetris Homes Pty Ltd, we treat you with respect and prioritise your needs.

  • Your needs and concerns are our priority. Our elite team believes satisfactory outcomes are only possible through close collaboration with you.
  • Our services include a variety of unique solutions, including house demolition in Melbourne. New homes are often stylish and modern replacements of an old one, and the process requires demolition.
  • Countless stylish new homes form part of our extensive portfolio. Whether you want a double-storey built from the foundation up, or a mere renovation of your home, we’ll work closely with you to achieve your desired results.

Fast Facts About Tetris Homes Pty Ltd


As an experienced draftsman based in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, you can expect creative, modern designs from our family-owned business. Our modern construction solutions deliver outstanding results as we are also leaders in pushing towards more environmentally-friendly homes. Although our office is in the north of Melbourne, we provide our building service across the entire city.

You can dream about the day when you can show your family and friends around your new elegant home, or you can pick up the phone to give us a call so that we can set the date when your dream turns into reality.



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