Do you feel like you’re outgrowing your home? Before you call it quits with your house, consider a second storey extension. It might seem like an intimidating project but it’s definitely possible with the right contractor. If you feel like this a second storey extension is an option for you, here are seven things to consider beforehan

7 Things to Consider for Your Second Storey Extension

7 Things to Consider for Your Second Storey Extension

#1 – Building Regulations

Whether you can extend your structure vertically depends on your area’s building regulations. Local zoning regulations dictate the height restrictions of your house. It should generally be fine if you have neighbours with two or more stories. In Melbourne, there is a growing popularity of second storey extensions due to the high costs of land.

#2 – Structural Limitations

Once you’re sure that all is right with the law, it’s time to look at the structural considerations. Not all homes can be extended upwards so you definitely need to hire a trusted contractor to guarantee the safety of your project.

Structural Limitations

Structural Limitations

At Tetris Homes, we inspect the foundations, columns, and load bearing walls of your existing home to see if they can handle an additional storey. With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, you can trust us to deliver a safe and professional build.

#3 – Overall Design

If a second storey extension is feasible, then we can start drafting up the design. The choice is all yours in this process as it’s paramount that you love how your new home would look. The design of your facade, the layout of your second floor plan, how your new stairs will affect your first floor, the look of your new roof – it’s important to iron out the details before we proceed with your second storey extension.

If there are changes that you want to implement on your first storey, now can also be a good time to remodel.

#4 – Cost vs. Moving

To give you some idea, a second storey extension can start at around $1,800 per square metre but can go as high as $15,000 depending on how difficult the construction will get. Try to survey how much your dream two-storey house costs so you can compare your choices.

When the design is done and drafted, we can give you a more accurate estimate of the cost of your second storey extension. Here’s where you can decide whether it’s more cost-efficient to extend to another level or move houses altogether. It’s good to carefully evaluate your options as a second storey extension is no small undertaking.

#5 – Your Neighbourhood

One thing that you should consider when deciding whether to move or extend is whether you’d love to stay in your neighbourhood. This is not an issue if you’re able to find a new home within your area. Otherwise, try to list the pros and cons of staying or moving locations.

Your Neighbourhood

Your Neighbourhood

The school districts in your area, your proximity to the workplace, the shopping and grocery options in your vicinity, the general safety of your neighbourhood, and even your relationship with the neighbours – these are the things that you should consider in terms of location. A second storey extension is ideal over moving if you already enjoy your neighbourhood as is.

#6 – Timeline

One con that does need to be brought up with second storey extensions is that it takes more time and effort than simply moving. A move can be completed in as little as a week. A second storey extension? You’re looking at months of construction work.



If you’ve decided on an extension project, clarify the timeline with your contractor. Which leads us to the last and final consideration.

#7 – Living Conditions

A second storey extension takes a lot of work. There’s plumbing, electricity, architectural, and structural duties to undertake. While you may choose to continue living at home, be prepared that it can be noisy and uncomfortable with workers coming in and out of your property. At some stage of the construction, there would also be a need to turn your utilities off.

We highly recommend finding a temporary living situation during the span of the project.

If you want to extend your home to a second storey in Melbourne, or are currently considering the option, give us a call at 0409 255 738. We offer fast free quotes for your project, and can help see your second storey extension through from start to finish.