You’re in the market for a new home. After viewing the houses on the market, maybe you haven’t found a house that you feel you can call home just yet. You then decide that the home you’re looking for cannot be bought or found, it needs to be custom built. There are a lot of advantages to building your own custom home. Let’s take a look at the top 7.

#1 Customised Options

7 Advantages of Custom Built Homes

The main benefit of building your own home is that it can be fully customised to your needs. You have free reign on the design and building of your dream home, provided that it remains in your budget. You can design it around furniture that has been passed down each generation in your family, or you can make it wheelchair accessible for a friend or a family member that needs it. The sky, and your budget, is the limit.


#2 Functionality

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, your custom home is completely your own design. It can be built around what you envision your dream home to be. On top of that, you can also build your home to maximise every inch of space, an advantage not always available with pre-built houses. You can optimise everything that your home has to offer to enhance your lifestyle.

#3 Personal Expression

You have the opportunity to express yourself through the design and decor of your custom built home. With the help of an interior designer and an architect you can literally build the house of your dreams. If you enjoy morning coffees and the outdoors, then build an amazing deck outside for yourself, or if you’re an artist, then make your home your greatest masterpiece yet.

#4 Lot Choice and Privacy

When searching for your next home, before deciding to build your own home, you may have discovered an ideal pre-built house that could suffice. There was just one problem, everyone was packed on top of each other. This doesn’t have to be the case with your custom home since you can decide the location of your house and the amount of space around it.

#5 Material Quality

With your custom home you can rest assured that all of the building materials are of good quality. Some pre-built homes can’t offer the same peace of mind and might need repairs later.

#6 Budget Flexibility

You can control every cost metric when building your custom home. Making it possible to build your dream home while still remaining within your budget.

#7 Future Proofing

Pre-built homes come with the risk that they will need frequent repairs in the  near future. This could be because of the poor quality of materials used. Or the owner that sold you the house has hidden a costly problem from you that you will come to discover after you have already bought the house.


Building a custom home offers so many advantages over purchasing a pre-built home. Start today and build the house of your dreams. For the construction of your dream home, you will need the right team. If you live in Melbourne, then Tetris Homes are the team to call at: 0409 255 738. Or reach out to them on their website.